Friday, October 20, 2017

Ding Dong Avon Calling

In 1886, 34 years before women in the U.S. earned the right to vote, David H. McConnell, helped give them the chance to earn an independent income. He didn’t set out to create a beauty company. In fact, McConnell was a traveling book salesperson and most of his potential customers were housewives. With few advertising outlets in those days, McConnell used a then-popular gimmick—offering a free gift in exchange for a moment of the potential customer’s time. This inspired McConnell to work with a local pharmacy to create a fragrance that he could give away in small quantities to those who were willing to listen to his book pitch. Customers started taking more interest in the fragrance than they did the books McConnell was selling which in turn caused him to give up book selling and start selling perfume.

Based in New York in 1886, he launched a line of fragrances under the name “The California Perfume Company”. The company started calling itself Avon in 1928, named after the birthplace of McConnell’s favorite playwright, Shakespeare (Stratford-upon-Avon, a medieval market town in England’s West Midlands, is the 16th-century birthplace of William Shakespeare).

McConnell realized the best way to market his products to women would be to hire women to sell them. He hired his first female sales representative, Persis Foster Eames Albee, who was a wife and mother of two, and is credited with creating the company’s system for distributing products.The company allows its employees to purchase products and literature, and resell the items on their own time in their own style—exactly what McConnell was doing as a book salesman.

In 1887 one year into his perfume business, McConnell, thanks to Albee, recruited a team of 12 female representatives to market his 18-piece fragrance line. In 1905 the company launched Outlook magazine, a publication for sharing advice to employees and keeping representatives up-to-date on company news.
The following year, Avon had enough products to release a sales catalogue, a move that helped sales grow tremendously.

By the time the ’50s came around, Avon launched its iconic “Ding-Dong Avon Calling” ad campaign. It ran from 1954 through 1967, making it one of the longest-running and most successful ad campaigns in history.

In addition to new scents, other products were quickly added to the California Perfume Company’s product line. Popular early items included spot remover, Witch Hazel Cream, machine oil, mending cement, Almond Cream Balm, food flavorings, Tooth Tablet, and carpet cleaner.

Avon "Collectibles" didn't start to become popular until the early 1960s, when Avon began producing a line of novelty containers for its perfumes and colognes.

The company expanded its line of collectibles through the 1970s and '80s, selling jewelry, decorative plates and steins, holiday ornaments, and more. Avon Cape Cod Ruby Red Glassware design is based on an old, sandwich glass pattern and inspired by the lacy delicacy of the classic Roman rosette pattern, introduced in 1975 by Wheaton Glass for Avon. They were commissioned to do the pieces, since they were already making decorative decanters for them.
Avon chose to call their new dinnerware the 1876 Cape Cod Collection because it recalled the beauty of this quality glass and the spirit of the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and the area where sandwich glass originated.

Official products are sold directly through Avon's sales reps and will come with certificates of authenticity. Some products, like their steins, are sold in limited, numbered editions, while holiday goods such as plates or ornaments are designed to be unique each year.
Avon is highly collectible sought after items and my favorite book to get an idea of the pieces available along with values is:

One hundred and thirty one years have passed by and Avon is still a very lucrative way to own your own business.,,,

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Tiara Sandwich Glassware

Tiara Glass was marketed by Tiara Exclusives of Dunkirk Indiana that could only be purchased through home hosted parties between 1970 - 1998. Tiara offices along with the offices of Indiana Glass were housed in one building and both were owned by Lancaster Colony Corporation.
I found this awesome catalog/book online and it makes a great reference source I go to often.

Indiana Glass made a good portion of glass on behalf of Tiara Glass (Tiara warehoused, sold and shipped glassware but they never manufactured it). You will also find other glasswork companies such as Fenton and L.E. Smith manufactured glassware pieces for Tiara. My favorite book for researching the pieces Fenton produced for Tiara is:

A wide variety of handmade and machine made patterns were produced along with some reissues of patterns that were originally produced by Indiana Glass. These reissues used the same moulds for patterns such as Avocado and the ever popular Sandwich Pattern. The glassware itself is not marked with a maker's mark (with very few exceptions) most of their glassware used paper or little Gold labels saying Tiara Exclusives to mark their pieces.

The Sandwich Pattern is the most recognized Tiara Exclusive Pattern. Indiana Glass originally produced sandwich depression glass during the 1920’s (sometime during that same period Duncan Miller also produced something similar to sandwich glass) so it was natural for Indiana Glass to manufacture Tiara’s reissue of this beautiful pattern in the 70’s.
Tiara glass sold sandwich glass in clear, amber, ruby, chantilly (light) green, spruce/teal green, bicentennial (dark) blue, amethyst and peach/pink.

Tiara Exclusives operated for 28 years.

Tiara sandwich glass is what started my love affair with glassware and I actively collect the amber pattern. I started out with the chantilly green and when I had most of the pieces for my collection my tastes changed and I began my Amber collection (sold of all my green pieces in my booth at the local antique mall). I pride myself in saying I have at least one of every piece produced in Amber with the exception of the “stick” butter dish. One day I will find the final piece to complete my collection. After all the fun of collecting is "the hunt"
I love a fall Thanksgiving table set with the beauty of Tiara Amber Glassware pieces.

While I do not sell glassware online (I don't have the heart to ship out breakables) a lot of fine shop owners carry these beautiful pieces of history. Just go to and put Tiara glassware in the search field to start your collection today (or add to an existing one).

Additional information can be found at where I gathered the above information from.

Don't forget to visit my shop at Tamaras Treasure Trove for Shabby and Cottage Chic Home Decor.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Color Me Autumn

The autumn/fall color palette is my favorite shades of nature. The rich earth tones, the colors of the changing leaves. Autumn is the season where leaves start to fall off the trees, that is why Autumn is also called Fall. 
Days are getting shorter as night fall noticeably starts to arrive sooner.
Cooler temperatures are a welcome change along with the beginning of fall festivals, founders day celebrations and craft fairs going on every weekend leading up to Halloween.
I love this time of year as it seems to motivate me to get more crafty. I will share a few of my favorite fall projects. 
I painted a Christmas tree with Brown and Gold Metallic spray paints (make sure to turn it over so you can coat the underside to hide all the green) 
Using floral picks, leaf picks, burlap garland, decoupage words made into ornaments, tiny glass ornament balls filled with fall ribbon and acorns hung to adorn my little fall tree.
Scarecrow is made from barnwood slats, handpainted facial details and sunflower pick to the hat makes for a fun fall door greeter.
Tipsy Topsy Planter
The plastic pumpkins are readily available just about everywhere. I love the classic orange and black but they come in an array of colors with different facial expressions.
I used a nicely detailed tutorial to make mine and can be found on pinterest (birdsandblossoms).
I used a terra cotta pot and painted it black. Total cost was less than $10 and was completed in an hour.  

Friday, August 18, 2017

TamarasTreasureTrove Is Now On Artyah

In an effort to expand my online presence I have created a storefront on an up and coming online marketplace called Artyah.

Artyah has been around for a few years but the latest enhancements and accessible customer service make it a more attractive addition to selling online.

The following is the greeting you receive when you visit Artyah .Artyah is a secure marketplace for handmade & antique/vintage goods. Buy and sell in our rapidly growing community of artists, collectors and suppliers.

While I can still be found on my own website with an extensive line of home decor at Tamaras Treasure Trove , I have decided to lend my support by adding a 100 items on this new site to see how it grows.

Be sure to give it a look.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Bulletin Spotlight Item Vol.3 Paris Themed Decor

Shining the spotlight on a few wall hooks that would make a unique addition to any Paris themed space in your home/office.
You can purchase them individually or as set.
The eiffel tower comes in a variety of colors and the paris hook can be purchased in 3 popular shabby chic colors.
I have paired up the sweet PARIS double hook with the Eiffel Tower hook (to create a set) now available in white, off white and black
When you go to Tamara's Treasure Trove just click on the little search glass icon in top right hand corner and enter eiffel hook 'or' paris hook to see all the color choices available for purchase.
Would make a unique great gift idea.  

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fabulous Finds Friday for July 14, 2017

In previous posts I have made mention of my breakfast routine which consists of the Garden of Life Meal Replacement Shake, strawberries and almond milk.

I have been drinking this shake since January with my cumbersome, hard to handle blender. Clean up is not fun, it is large, clunky and very loud to use. The base of my blender started leaking last week which forced me to shop for something different.

I found the magic bullet on sale for $39.99 and I thought I would give it a try. This small compact blender is a dream to use. One of the blender cups comes with a handle, so I put the ingredients I want to blend, attach the blending base and within a few seconds I have my shake ready in the cup I will drink from (just take the base off and add the screw on cup rim). Clean up is easy peasy.  

I am quite please with my purchase and wanted to share it with you.

Magic Bullet Blender 11pc Set
Make delicious party dips like salsa, pasta sauces, frosty milkshakes and more with the Magic Bullet 11-piece blender set. This set includes a high-torque power base, tall cup, party mug, 2 lip rings, travel lid, 2 resealable lids, blending blade, and a 10-second Recipe Book. The Magic Bullet Blender blade and bullet-shaped design help circulate the food back to the Cyclonic Cutting Zone for quick processing. This 250-watt blender grates, grinds, blends, chops and mixes drinks in high speed to save you time. You just need to place the bullet cup or the mug on the high-torque power base and press it to get lip-smacking smoothies or frosty treats. This stainless steel Magic Bullet blender comes with a recipe book.

Tamaras Treasure Trove

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bulletin Board Spotlight Item Vol.2

Check out the Owl Trivets that I offer in several color finishes to fit any home decor theme.
These serve as a good display piece to have on your dining room table, kitchen counter or party buffet to put warm dishes on. 
Another way I have had customers use trivets is to hang on the wall for stylish wall art.
Follow this link to Tamaras Treasure Trove to see all the color choices available for immediate purchase.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bulletin Board Spotlight Item

Check out the Secret Garden Sign that I offer in several color finishes to fit any home decor theme. Suggested places to display this little beauty,

  • Special room in your home
  • Outdoor garden entrance
  • Fairy garden
  • Area on a front/back porch or patio
  • Gate
  • Arbor
  • Treehouse door

I had a customer write to me where she used it on a gift basket that was to be given at the opening of a high school musical based on the 1911 novel.
Would make a unique great gift idea.

Follow this link to Tamaras Treasure Trove to see all the color choices available for immediate purchase.

Saturday, June 17, 2017 now up and running

So excited to have my very own website with my very own domain name....up and active this morning

Click and go: for everything: shopping/blog/information all in one easy to remember link. 

Head on over to check it all out.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Glitter and Glitz Golden Mermaid

Finished Product Now Available - Her tail is adorned with glistening pieces of German Glass Glitter in vibrant sparkles of Teal Green.

Step One: Painted with shiny metallic gold  

Step Two: Painted her tail with splash teal

Step Three: topped her tail off with German Glitter Glass to give her some extra added glam 
She can be found in Shop Section: Beach / Nautical / Summer
Search when you enter the shop by entering Mermaid Glitter

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Booth Update Checker Berry Bowdon Georgia

Been a little while since I made a post as I have been busy trying to get my website up and going while doing an update on my local booth in The Checker Berry Shoppe in Bowdon Ga.

When I get my domain name retrieved from a previous service I had (and it has not been easy) I will share my new website with you.

Looking forward to get everything completed by Monday so stayed tuned.

In the meantime I will share with you what I spent my day working on today.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Expanding Inventory at Tamaras Treasure Trove

I have been hard at work the last couple of weeks to bring a variety of new item styles in my Etsy Shop. My inventory has grown in the last few months to include 550 different home decor styles with many items having multiple quantities.

Click on this link to take you to Tamaras Treasure Trove to check out the items I offer for the shabby style enthusiasts, fans of all things cottage chic with a sprinkling of bohemian. My Etsy storefront is a place you can find the perfect gift for friends, family or a treat for yourself.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Showcase of Artisans & Upcycling Vendors "Friends" Week 4

This weeks showcase shines the spotlight on local artist and business owner Michael Smith. Michael and his wife Kellie own K & M Coffee Co. in Tallapoosa, Ga where you can find a few of his beautiful creations along with other local goodies while enjoying the best coffee in West Georgia.

Enjoy a few pieces from his collection below (bottom right is created using vintage glass insulators).

Make sure to go by K & M Coffee Co. to see these beauties in person or check out their newly opened online store on Etsy at MiKellsCreations .

The process used when creating these lamp shades begin with each piece of glass being individually wrapped and soldered together. Some of the lampshades include as many as 275 pieces of glass and can weigh in at 18lbs.

Each lamp is a one of a kind original as he creates his own patterns.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Showcase of Artisans & Upcycling Vendors "Friends" Week 3

This weeks segment showcasing vendors I have met and admired in my journey thru the fun/interesting world of antique, craft, resale malls will be located at The Checker Berry Shoppe . I choose this mall again for my week 3 spotlights since so many talented friends and fellow vendors call it home. I wanted to show some of the many bright and bold colors of spring. Jane P. and Debbie have such an eye for stunning color in their presentations I just had to share a few of their creations.

Jane P has 2 lovely booths on the main floor of The Checker Berry

I have always loved Jane P's floral Bridal Bouquets

Debbie is full of energy and has a unique variety of items sprinkled through out the mall

Monday, April 24, 2017

Showcase of Artisans & Upcycling Vendors "Friends" Week 2

This weeks showcase shines the spotlight on a local artist and good friend Debbie Thigpen. I met Debbie back when I was still getting my feet wet in the antique mall circuit. She came into a shop I was in, struck up a conversation and we have been good friends ever since.

Debbie works as a special educator in our local school system and spends her free time junking and creating. I have always told her she has a great eye for the unique and highly sought after finds. If she decides to ever quit her day job she could make a good living picking and creating her art work. Her work is reflective of farmhouse/vintage and it always amazes me when I see what she has come up with next.

Enjoy a few pieces from her collection and go by The Nest On Bradley Street to see more from her and other local artists.

Becky owner of The Nest works hard to bring her loyal customers a wonderful variety of vintage furniture, gift items while proudly promoting local artisans and products.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Showcase of Artisans & Upcycling Vendors "Friends" Week 1

The Checker Berry Shoppe located in Bowdon, Ga. right in the heart of Main Street and recognized as the oldest antique mall in the West Georgia area. This warm and friendly mall is currently the home to over 40 dealers, several have been their since opening.

I am starting a new segment featuring some of the fine dealers and the variety of items they offer.

I would like to start with 3 friends and fellow vendors that join me in making The Checker Berry Shoppe a fun and exciting place to shop.

Lovely decorated space by Teresa

Sweet little vanity by Peggy

A nice collection by Denise of Junkin Chicks

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Garden and Home Bird Hooks on Etsy

Looking for something to put a little spring in your home and or garden? Look no more...check out these cute little hooks added to the growing inventory at Tamaras Treasure Trove on Etsy

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tamaras Treasure Trove on Handmade Hunt

I periodically do a internet search for Tamaras Treasure Trove and while I find various sites either myself or some of my store items are mentioned I was pleased to run across this synopsis of my Etsy Shop. This was listed on Handmade Hunt and it summed up my progress in a nice tidy bow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Checker Berry Spring Celebration

The Checker Berry Spring Celebration is an annual event where you can come enjoy refreshments along with 2 floors of shopping to help bring in the season of Spring. Many items reduced for this event. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gypsy's Visit with the Vet

This morning I was tricked, tricked by my daddy who was loving on me one minute and the next I found myself in a container with the door promptly closed and the latch snapped shut.

Betrayed and confused I was put in the car and my mom drove me down the road, to where I am not sure. My mind is going in a hundred different directions wondering what I had done wrong.

After 20 minutes or so I was removed from the car and we approached a building I was familiar with. The vet, what??? I am not feeling sick, I had big plans today to play and frolic in the yard and now this.

We get called back to the room and I am sat on a scale. Weight up ¾ of a pound (I assume that is a lot for a cat based on the conversations taking place). After a few minutes of exploring my surroundings when in walks a pretty little lady (my doctor) and her assistant. I get the once over, body massage, teeth checked, ears checked and just when I think all is clear I get a needle to the behind.

They tell me the yearly Feline Leukemia/Fvrcp Combo shot will keep me a healthy kitty. Got my flea meds Advantage Multi that protects me from Fleas, Ear Mites and other little pesky critters and off to home we go.

The trip home was much more pleasant and relaxing, as a matter of fact I took a small nap.

Life is good and it is wonderful to be loved, love your pets and make sure they get their shots. I got my 3 year rabies shot last year so only the one today.