Monday, February 6, 2017

In The Beginning

Running my Etsy store has afforded me the opportunity to live the American Dream of owning my own business. To make it a success you have to set aside a consistent work week and put in the hours you would as if you were accountable to an employer.

I tried Etsy back in 2009 for about 4 months and did not find it to be a venue that would bring me the success I was looking for. I believe they were still trying to find their standing in the marketplace.

I starting scouting out local antique/craft malls to try my hand at resell and fell in love with the idea of having a small shop without the risks. I rented a small 10x10 space in a new mall that was opening up in my area. This worked for me at the time since you could do this with little to no investment.
The hunt was on to fill my little shop with treasures to resell. I frequented thrift stores, other antique malls, flea markets and yard sales. I bought what I loved (the hardest thing I figured out real fast was that not everyone loved what I loved) so there was a learning curve. You have to be interested enough to learn your market and what people are looking for in your part of the world to buy for resell accordingly. I would take my treasures home to clean, upcycle and restore them to a like new condition for its next owner to enjoy.

I loved my new path in life and it was a long hard road to get to where I am today so over the next few months I will share my adventures with you that  lead me to the success I am currently enjoying on Etsy today.


  1. Thanks Tam for all your wisdom in junkin', craftin', and friendin'. Gyspy and I both lucked up when we met you.

    1. Right back at you. It has been fun. I tell everyone that my Etsy store would not of seen the light without my good friend Debbie nudging me along. Thanks for the support and for being my friend.