Saturday, February 11, 2017

Settling Into My FurEver Home by: Gypsy The Cat

As I settle into my new digs I wonder if I will be able to stay inside or when the weather warms up will I find myself an outdoor kitty. I think my new humans like me (what's not to like). The female human leaves for a while as I hide from the male human planning my next step not wanting to mess anything up. After 30 minutes or so the door opens and in walks the female human carrying a litter box (I haven’t seen one of those in 8 plus months). I feel encouraged as that must mean they are going to let me stay. I hope she gets it all set up in a hurry as I really gotta go, gotta go right now.

I spend the next few weeks exploring my new home at night while the humans sleep. It is really nice here. No more hunting for food, no more sleeping in uncomfortable places, no more irritating critters invading my space as I now have a great big home all to myself. I still long for the great outdoors, the sunshine, the trees for sharpening my claws (they won’t let me do this on the furniture) the fresh air. I do go out during the day and play with my chipmunk, squirrel and bird friends but when I stand in front of the door I get to come back in to rest and sleep (I now have my own bed) life is good.

I hear my humans having discussions about what to name me. I already have a name but oh well whatever makes them happy. Discussions  go on for days, the female human wants to name me Bella while the male human wants to name me Gypsy. Guess who wins….the male human as I now answer to the name Gypsy. His clever reasoning was that I roamed the land for months much like a Gypsy would.

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