Sunday, February 5, 2017

My 1st Blog Post by Gypsy the Cat

Back in the spring of 2014 I suddenly found myself homeless. What happened to my previous momma I can not say. I roamed the streets looking for a safe place to survive and stay out of the elements. I came across a nice stretch of property that had lots of hiding places on it and buildings to sleep under. For many months I slept during the day and spent my nights looking for food and water staying out of the sightline of the two humans that lived here.

Fall came when suddenly the male human started leaving out a nice big bowl of wet food nightly before going to bed. I guess he spotted me darting from one place to another trying to survive. Wow how lucky is this after 5 months he has decided to feed me some yummy food but the female human still hasn’t taken much notice  (why I don’t know as I am just so stinking cute).

Months go by,  Christmas comes and goes, 2015 New Year has come and gone while the male human sets out my nightly bowl of food. Female human still no change. Oh well I am liking the lay of the land and my nightly feast so I stay.

The end of January 2015 we have our first freeze warning here in Georgia. This is my 1st weather hazard since being on my own. I stay snuggled under one of the buildings out back trying to stay warm. I do not leave my warm place to eat my dinner as it is so cold. I venture out in the morning to find my meal frozen solid, hungry I lick and lick and lick to get the food edible with no luck.

I hear the front door open (I don’t run off as I am so hungry) I look up to find the female human standing there with a fresh bowl of warm food inviting me to come in and enjoy my meal in the comforts of the home I have been dreaming of for 8 months.

I knew this would make a good home for me and I was right. Hope, faith and patience paid off as I now have a happy home with a good momma and daddy who treat me like the princess that I knew I was meant to be.


  1. Gyspy, what a fortunate princess you are! Maybe you could share some of your good fortune with Reggie. Perhaps one day he'll realize what a "treasure trove" he has stumbled upon.

    1. Gypsy the Cat said: I have tried to tell him what a treasure my momma is but you know how stubborn men can be. He keeps hanging around so maybe one day he will learn. In the mean time I am enjoying having my mom and dad all to myself