Monday, March 6, 2017

Organic Meal Replacement Shake

Like many people I have had ups and downs with my weight for most of my life. Diets do not work at least not for me. Now that I found myself in the midst of menopause I find health in general a struggle especially with my skewed schedule of trying to keep my online business running smoothly. My day takes on a life of its own and  in the past I have  looked at the clock just to realize I got busy and forgot to eat breakfast. I know in my heart breakfast is very important and very well may be the downfall of my weight struggles (not taking the time to eat). I have tried many times to slow down and take the time to  fix a nice healthy breakfast, for a few weeks anyway. I eventually fall back into my same old pattern.

A few months back I made the decision to find a way to resolve my breakfast dilemma with a solution that would work for me no matter what my mornings threw my way.

Shakes were going to be my easiest, healthiest, quickest way to get my day started in the right direction. I have participated in enough diets in my life to know the tried and true go to shakes would be the most accessible way to get started but my question was it really healthy? I knew enough to know that they are full of sugars and the low carb ones are full of fake sugars. I wanted something that would be easy to mix (I have a blender but I hate dragging it out and cleaning it up afterwards). Knowing this would derail my permanent hope for a healthy go to breakfast each and every day I would need a shaker cup mix.

Off to GNC I go as I feel confident the employees are pretty knowledge. I wanted a high protein, low carb healthy meal replacement with NO Soy and no aspartame/fake sugars  that would mix easily in a shaker cup. The GNC employee listened to all my requirements of what I wanted and suggested I go with their Total Lean 25 Shake.

  • 25 grams of high quality protein
  • 8 grams of fiber
  • 24 vitamins and minerals
I did not like that it had 17 carbs per serving and upon internet research it did indeed contain two different artificial sweeteners in the powder mix. A side note it caused me to feel nauseated within 30 minutes of consuming. Fortunately GNC has a no questions asked return policy so I returned this product.
My next road trip was to The Vitamin Shoppe and after talking to employees there along with internet researching the recommended product I decided on Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal Replacement.
  • 20 g of Clean Organic Plant Protein per Scoop Loaded with 44 Superfoods
  • 6g of Organic Fiber and Less Than 1g of Sugar
I have enjoyed this meal replacement and all it has to offer for over 2 months now. It has been a consistent way for me to enjoy a complete healthy breakfast and a nutritious way to get my day started. When I have more time I may eat 2 boiled eggs with my shake or a small bag of nuts. Some days I add organic strawberries to my shake itself to “shake things up a bit”.

In the beginning I was using water which was fine but it lacked a little something for me so I ventured into the world of Almond Milk and love it.

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